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YieldBased Options: What You Need to Know

Yield Based Options: What You Need to Know

Options offer investors a different approach to enhancing investment returns. Yield based options, or yield enhancement options, are one such way investors can increase their returns. This article examines yield based options and looks at how investors can use them to generate higher risk-adjusted returns.

What are Yield Options?

Yield options, also known as yield enhancement options, are options strategies that help investors increase the yield they receive from investments while also reducing their risk profile.

Yield options, depending on the strategy employed, can include options such as call options, put options, straddles, strangles and other option strategies.

The primary benefit of yield options is that they provide a higher return on investment at lower risk than other option strategies.

Option Yields

The yield options strategies will often provide higher yields than traditional options investments. The higher yields come from the fact that yield options can be structured to offer higher rewards for investors without taking on the same levels of risk.

The option yield can come from the yield enhancement strategies or from the ability to use volatility strategies.

Volatility strategies involve using options to take advantage of shifts in option premiums. As volatility changes, option premiums can change resulting in investors having the opportunity to make money from the rise or fall of the premium on their option.

Yield Enhancement Strategies

Yield enhancement strategies use options to create a higher return for investors without taking on any additional risk.

The strategies typically involve using long and short positions in both call and put options. By carefully balancing the positions, investors can increase their upside potential while limiting their downside risk.

The strategies typically involve selling options with limited upside potential and buying options with greater upside potential. This structure reduces the investor’s risk while allowing them to capture more upside potential.

Risk Adjusted Returns

The use of yield enhancement strategies can also help investors increase their risk-adjusted returns. Risk-adjusted returns refer to the return an investor will receive after adjusting for the level of risk they have taken.

By using yield enhancement strategies, investors can increase their risk-adjusted returns by reducing the amount of risk they take on while still capturing more of the potential upside.

Reward to Risk ratio

The reward to risk ratio is another way of measuring the performance of an option strategy. The reward to risk ratio looks at the upside potential of the strategy relative to the downside risk.

The higher the reward to risk ratio the more attractive the option strategy becomes. By using yield enhancement strategies, investors can increase the reward to risk ratio of their option strategy, increasing the attractiveness of their investments.

Option Premia

Yield enhancement strategies can also take advantage of option premiums. As option premiums change, investors will be able to take advantage of these changes by adjusting their positions.

By adjusting their position as option premiums move, investors can increase their returns without having to take on additional risk.

Option Strategies

Yield enhancement strategies are just one of many option strategies investors can use to increase their returns and reduce their risk profiles.

Other strategies such as straddles, strangles, and spreads can also be used to increase investor’s returns. Each strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages and investors should carefully weigh each option before deciding which strategy is right for them.


MarketXLS is a powerful tool that provides real-time option data and can help investors identify attractive option strategies that maximize reward to risk ratios. With MarketXLS, investors can quickly and easily identify potential option strategies and make more informed decisions.

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Overall, MarketXLS is an incredibly powerful and convenient tool for helping investors make the most of their options investments.

Yield options offer investors a way to increase their returns without taking on additional risk. By using option yields, volatility strategies, yield enhancement strategies, and other option strategies, investors can increase their returns and reduce their risk level. Investors should research the different option strategies and understand the risks and rewards before trading any options. MarketXLS can be used to help investors identify attractive option strategies and make more informed decisions.

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