MarketXLS - new release

Marketxls New Release Version 9.3

Key Updates in this Release

1. New Guru Screens Functions

In this release, we have added many advanced Guru Screen functions. Guru Screens are used to filter out stocks based on the winning investment strategies of stock market legends such as Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, etc.

Here is a list of Guru Screen functions MarketXLS is offering in this new release: 


















In the upcoming releases, we will be adding more Guru Screen functions.

Guru Screens

2. New Premium Templates

We have released about 100 new premium MarketXLS templates on various option strategies and stock valuation techniques. Download these templates with the coupon code “JUN-SAVE-20” from the template store below to receive a 20% discount. Here is the link to the premium templates:

Options templates

You can download our available free templates:

3. Speed Optimization in Refresh-on-Demand Functions 

We have made speed improvements for the Refresh-On-Demand function. Refresh on-demand functions call the real-time stock prices in your Excel and require a click on the refresh button on the MarketXLS menu. This speed improvement will pull real-time data five times faster than before when you click on the Refresh button.

Speed Optimization

4. Options Scanner

We have made improvements in the options scanner and added drop-down menus that allow the user to filter options accordingly. The option scanner lets you choose a group of stocks in excel cells, get all the option contacts for those stocks and lets you filter the best options for you. 

Options Scanner

5. Ascending + Descending order in Historical Functions

With this new version, you will be able to sort your data in ascending and descending order. Sorting data will make it easier for users to analyze their stocks. 

ASC.gif”>Ascending stocksASC” loading=”lazy” src=”” data-width=”586″ data-height=”279″ data-link-wrap=”true”>

Users can also use the custom dates function and sort the dates by ascending and descending order. 

ASC.png”>Ascending stocksASC” loading=”lazy” src=”” data-width=”586″ data-height=”480″ data-link-wrap=”true”>

6. YouTube Channel & Options Strategy Videos

We are posting new videos every day on our MarketXLS YouTube channel. The videos are on options strategies that MarketXLS templates offer. It is a great way to understand the options strategy and how MarketXLS can help you to implement it. Here is the link to YouTube videos: 

MarketXLS Youtube

7. New Stock Screener

We have added an updated stock screener that will allow you to filter your stocks according to different parameters of your choice. We are continuously adding more columns/parameters that you can use to screen your stocks. 

Stock Screener

8. New Blogs

We continue to publish many informative articles on MarketXLS website. We are sure you will find them useful, please review them at this link below and let us know if you would like us to cover any specific topics. 

Finance blogs

What are we working on for the next release?

We are working on the following items for the new upcoming release:

  1. More stock screening functions
  2. New stock screener
  3. Machine Learning module for pattern recognition and finding market opportunities
  4. New version for Excel Online
  5. Broker integrations with Think Or Swim, Interactive Brokers, etc.
  6. New cryptocurrency data and analytics