Technical Analysis in Excel


You can use MarketXLS to calculate more than 120 Technical Indicators with a few clicks in Excel. Scan your data for Candlestick Patterns

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  • Perform Technical Analysis in Excel with 120+ Technical Indicators
  • Run groups of indicators on your data
  • Customize everything including time period, Moving Average types etc
  • Option to runs with default inputs without prompting
  • Discover patterns in your data and analyze its impact
  • Annotate patterns on Candle Stick Charts with a few clicks
  • Scan for patterns with our Pattern-Scan Report – for actionable insights with technical analysis in Excel sheets
  • Run with default inputs like 14 days for RSI or input your own parameters

Available Indicators

Generated in couple of clicks this report scans historical data of stocks for candlestick patterns their impact on closing prices. Following is a sample of a scan of 10 year prices of a popular stock

technical analysis in Excel

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