Multi-faceted Portfolio Analysis At Your Fingertips

Risk-Return Analysis

Use a comprehensive list of risk and return analysis functions in your Excel. 

Wealth Index

Get Wealth index of your portfolio over a specified period of time  

Portfolio Optimizations

Calculate efficient frontier, Montecarlo simulation and get the best returns on your portfolio at lowest risk

The Feature Highlights

Things That MarketXLS Does For You In The Background With Just A Set Of Assets And Weights

No downloading of data, quick and easy portfolio analytics with easy to use functions

Define your portfolio as a range of Excel that has your stocks and the proportion of stocks in the portfolio. The total should be 100%. Once you have this portfolio inputs you are ready to use various portfolio analytics functions. 

Basic Analysis Metrics

Portfolio Monthly Returns

Calculate historical monthly returns for dynamically adjustable periods through the most accurate price data.

=MonthlyReturns(Portfolio, Periods)

Portfolio Efficient Frontier

Get ready-made chart images for Efficient Frontier, Monte Carlo Simulation and many more. 

=PortfolioEffecientFrontierChart(Portfolio, Periods)

Calculate historical wealth index assuming you started with a USD 10K account

=WealthIndex(Portfolio, Periods)

Portfolio Beta & Portfolio Volatility

Calculate your Portfolio's Beta and Volatility with the functions as shown below. The default index used for calculations is SPY

=PortfolioBeta(Portfolio), =PortfolioVolatility(Portfolio)