You can screen stocks in Excel by hundreds of custom parameters, values, key ratios, prices, and fundamentals.

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  • Screen markets with 10 years of key fundamental data
  • Build complex filter criteria with an unlimited number of filter conditions and comparisons
  • Mine financial statements for investment advantage with ease
  • Tree-like or Text-based filter editing style
  • Filter by comparing fields, indicators in history
  • Copy and paste screened stocks to excel sheet
  • Get 10 years of history of key ratios for any stock
  • Save your screen formulas as text in Excel sheets
  • Choose columns to show or hide to copy paste in Excel
  • You screener formula histories can be stored

Available Indicators

We support more than 400 fundamental indicators. The ones below is a small sample. Check our full fundamental data point list below.

Projected fiscal year-end date
Number of months since last reporting period. If this field is other than 12 months, the company has likely changed their fiscal year end.
Investment securities
Lease financing income
Other interest income
Federal funds sold/purchased
Interest bearing deposits
Loans held for resale
Trading account securities
Time deposits placed
Other money market investments
Total money market investments
Total interest income
Short term debt
Float term debt
Federal funds purchased/securities sold
Capitalized lease obligations
Other interest expense
Total interest expense
Net interest income (expense)
Provision for loan loss
Trust fees by commissions
Service charge on deposit accounts
Other service charges
Security transactions
Premiums earned
Net realized capital gains
Investment banking profit
Other non-interest income
Total non-interest income
Salaries and employee benefits
Net occupancy expense
Promotions and advertising
Property/liability insurance claims
Policy acquisition costs
Amortization def. policy acquisition cost
Current and future benefits
Other non-interest expense
Total non-interest expense
Premium tax (credit)
Minority interest
Income taxes
Income, acquired in process R&D
Income, restructuring and M&A
Other special charges
Special income/charges
Net income from continuing operations
Net income from discontinued operations
Net income from total operations
Extraordinary income/losses
Income from cumulative effect of account chg
Income from tax loss carry forward
Other gains (losses)
Total net income
Normalized income
Net income available for common
Preferred dividends
Basic EPS from continuing operations
Basic EPS from discontinued operations
Basic EPS from total operations
Basic EPS from extraordinary income
Basic EPS from cumulative effect of accounting chg
Basic EPS from tax loss carry forward
Basic EPS from other gains (losses)
Basic EPS, total
Basic normalized net income/share
Diluted EPS from continuing operations
Diluted EPS from discontinued operations
Diluted EPS from total operations
Diluted EPS from extraordinary income
Diluted EPS from tax loss carry forward
Diluted EPS from other gains (losses)
Diluted EPS, total
Diluted normalized net income/share
Dividends paid per share
Revenues, year to date
Cash and due from banks
Restricted cash
Federal funds sold/securities purchased
Interest bearing deposits at other banks
Investment securities, net
Unearned premiums
Allowance for loans and lease losses
Net loans
Premises and equipment
Due from customers’ acceptance
Trading account securities
Other receivables
Accrued interest
Deferred acquisition cost
Accrued investment income
Separate account business
Time deposits placed
Intangible assets
Other assets
Total assets
Non-interest bearing deposits
Interest bearing deposits
Short term debt
Other liabilities
Bankers’ acceptance outstanding
Federal funds purchased/securities sold
Accrued taxes
Accrued interest payables
Other payables
Capital lease obligations
Claims and claim expense
Future policy benefits
Unearned premiums
Policy holder funds
Participating policy holder equity
Separate accounts business
Minority interest
Float term debt
Preferred stock equity
Common stock equity
Common par
Additional paid in capital
Cumulative translation adjustment
Retained earnings
Treasury stock
Other equity adjustments
Foreign currency adjustments
Net unrealized loss/gain on investments
Net unrealized loss/gain on foreign currencies
Net other unearned losses/gains
Total equity
Total liabilities
Shares outstanding common class only
Preferred shares
Total ordinary shares
Total common shares outstanding
Treasury shares
Basic weighted shares outstanding
Diluted weighted share outstanding
Number of employees
Number of part-time employees
Net income (earnings)
Provision for loan losses
Depreciation and amortization
Deferred income taxes
Change in assets (receivables)
Change in liabilities (payables)
Investment securities gain
Net policy acquisition costs
Realized investment gains
Net premiums receivables
Change in income taxes
Other non-cash items
Net cash from operating activities
Proceeds from sale/mat. inv.
Purchase of investment securities
Net increase federal funds sold
Purchase of property & equipment
Other investing changes, net
Net cash from investing activities
Net change in deposits
Cash dividends paid
Repayment of Float term debt
Change of short term debt
Issuance of Float term debt
Issuance of preferred stock
Issuance of common stock
Purchase of treasury stock
Other financing activities
Net cash from financing activities
Effect of exchange rate changes
Net change in cash & equivalents
Cash at beginning of period
Cash at end of period
Total risk-based capital ratio
Auditor’s name
Auditor’s report
Operating revenue (revenue/sales)
Total revenues
Adjustments to revenue
Cost of sales
Cost of sales with depreciation
Gross margin
Gross operating profit
Research & development expense
Selling, gen & administrative expense
Operating income
Operating income before depreciation (EBITDA)
Depreciation unreconciled
Amortization of intangibles
Operating income after depreciation
Interest income
Earnings from equity interest
Other income, net
Income, acquired in process R&D
Income, restructuring and M&A
Other special charges
Special income/charges
Total Income available for interest expense (EBIT)
Interest expense
Pre-tax Income (EBT)
Minority interest
Preferred securities of subsidiary trust
Income before tax
Income from cumulative effect of accounting chg
Excise taxes
Diluted EPS from cumulative effect of accounting chg
Revenues, year-to-date
Income from total operations, year-to-date
Diluted EPS from total operations, year-to-date
Dividends paid per share, year-to-date
Cash and equivalents
Marketable securities
Accounts receivable
Loans receivable
Other receivable
Raw materials
Work in progress
Purchased components
Finished goods
Other inventories
Inventories adjustments & allowances
Prepaid expenses
Current deferred income taxes
Other current assets
Total current assets
Land & improvements
Building & improvements
Machinery, furniture & equipment
Construction in progress
Other fixed assets
Total fixed assets
Gross fixed assets (plant, property & equipment)
Accumulated depreciation & depletion
Net fixed assets (net PP&E)
Cost in excess
Non-current deferred income taxes
Other non-current assets
Total non-current assets
Total assets
Inventory valuation method
Accounts payable
Notes payable
Accrued expenses
Accrued liabilities
Deferred revenues
Current deferred income taxes
Other current liabilities
Total current liabilities
Capital lease obligations
Other non-current liabilities
Preferred securities of subsidiary trust
Preferred equity outside stock equity
Total non-current liabilities
Total liabilities
Preferred stock equity
Common stock equity
Common par
Additional paid in capital
Treasury stock
Total capitalization
Total equity
Total liabilities & stock equity
Cash flow
Working capital
Free cash flow
Invested capital
Shares outstanding common class only
Preferred shares
Total common shares outstanding
Treasury shares
Basic weighted shares outstanding
Diluted weighted shares outstanding
Number of employees
Number of part-time employees
Net income (loss)
Amortization of intangibles
Deferred income taxes
Operating (gains) losses
Extraordinary (gains) losses
(Increase) Decrease in receivables
(Increase) Decrease in inventories
(Increase) Decrease in prepaid expenses
(Increase) Decrease in other current assets
(Increase) Decrease in payables
(Increase) Decrease in other current liabilities
(Increase) Decrease in other working capital
Other non-cash items
Net cash from continuing operations
Net cash from discontinued operations
Sale of property, plant, equipment
Sale of Float term investments
Sale of short term investments
Purchase of property, plant, equipment
Purchase of Float term investments
Purchase of short term investments
Other investing changes net
Cash from disc. investing activities
Issuance of debt
Issuance of capital stock
Repayment of debt
Repurchase of capital stock
Payment of cash dividends
Other financing charges, net
Cash from disc. financing activities
Effect of exchange rate changes
Net change in cash & cash equivalents
Cash at beginning of period
Cash at end of period
Foreign sales
Domestic sales
Auditor’s name (aud. name & aud. op.)
Auditor’s Report (aud. name & aud. op.)
Close price/earnings ratio
High price/earnings ratio
Low price/earnings ratio
Gross profit margin (profit margin after CGS)
Pre-tax profit margin
Post-tax profit margin
Net profit margin (PM from total operations)
Interest coverage from continuing operations
Interest as a percentage of invested capital
Effective tax rate
Income per employee
Normalized close price/earnings ratio
Normalized high price/earnings ratio
Normalized low price/earnings ratio
Normalized net profit margin
Normalized return on stock equity
Normalized return on assets
Normalized return on invested capital
Normalized income per employee
Quick ratio
Current ratio
Payout ratio
Total debt to equity ratio
Float-term debt to total capital
Leverage ratio
Asset turnover
Cash as a percentage of revenue
Receivables as a percentage of revenue
SG&A expense as percentage of revenue
R&D Expense as percentage of revenue
Revenue per dollar, cash
Revenue per dollar, plant (net)
Revenue per dollar, common equity
Revenue per dollar, invested capital
Receivable turnover
Inventory turnover
Sales per dollar, receivables
Sales per dollar, inventory
Revenue to assets
Number of days cost of goods sold in inventory
Current assets per share
Total assets per share
Intangibles as percentage, book value
Inventory as percentage, revenue
Float term debt per share
Current liabilities per share
Cash per share
Float-term debt to equity ratio
Float term debt as percentage of invested capital
Float term debt as percentage of total liabilities
Total liabilities as a percentage of total assets
Working capital as a percentage of equity
Revenue per share
Book value per share
Tangible book value per share
Price to revenue ratio
Price to equity ratio (price to book)
Price to tangible book ratio
Working capital as percentage of price
Working capital per share
Cash flow per share
Free cash flow per share
Return on stock equity (return on equity)
Return on invested capital
Return on assets
Price/cash flow ratio
Price/free cash flow ratio
Sales per employee
Sales indicator
Earnings indicator
Earnings per share indicator
Price indicator
Price book indicator
Price sales indicator
Price cash indicator
Price free cash indicator
Debt equity indicator
Currency rate indicator
Gross profit indicator
Pre tax profit indicator
Post tax profit indicator
Net profit indicator
Return equity indicator
Level rate indicator
Asset turn over indicator
Research & development expense as percentage of revenue
  • Financials
  • Key Ratios (Profitability)
  • Key Ratios (Growth)
  • Cash Flow Ratios
  • Balance Sheet Items
  • Liquidity/Financial Health
  • Key Ratios (Efficiency)
  • Gross Margin %
  • Operating Income USD Mil
  • Operating Margin %
  • Net Income USD Mil
  • Earnings Per Share USD
  • Dividends USD
  • Payout Ratio %
  • Shares MilBook Value Per Share USD
  • Operating Cash Flow USD Mil
  • Cap Spending USD Mil
  • Free Cash Flow USD Mil
  • Free Cash Flow Per Share USD
  • Working Capital USD Mil
  • Triangular Moving Average
  • Weighted Moving Average
  • COGS
  • Gross Margin
  • SG&A
  • R&D
  • Other
  • Operating Margin
  • Net Int Inc & Other
  • EBT Margin
  • Tax Rate %
  • Net Margin %
  • Asset Turnover (Average)
  • Return on Assets %
  • Financial Leverage (Average)
  • Return on Equity %
  • Return on Invested Capital %
  • Interest Coverage
  • Revenue %, Operating Income %, Net Income % and EPS %
  • Year over Year
  • 3-Year Average
  • 5-Year Average
  • 10-Year Average
  • Operating Cash Flow Growth % YOY
  • Free Cash Flow Growth % YOY
  • Cap Ex as a % of Sales
  • Free Cash Flow/Sales %
  • Free Cash Flow/Net Income
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory
  • Other Current Assets
  • Total Current Assets
  • Net PP&E
  • Intangibles
  • Other Long-Term Assets
  • Total Assets
  • Accounts Payable
  • Short-Term Debt
  • Taxes Payable
  • Accrued Liabilities
  • Other Short-Term Liabilities
  • Total Current Liabilities
  • Long-Term Debt
  • Other Long-Term Liabilities
  • Total Liabilities
  • Total Stockholders’ Equity
  • Total Liabilities & Equity
  • Current Ratio
  • Quick Ratio
  • Financial Leverage
  • Debt/Equity
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Days Inventory
  • Payables Period
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Receivables Turnover
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Fixed Assets Turnover
  • Asset Turnover

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