Historical Option Prices


Often times, option traders not only want to see the historical prices for the stocks but also they want to see the Historical Option Prices for the option contract itself. MarketXLS makes it easy for you to get the historical option prices for a specific option contract by using very simple Excel formulas. In this article, I will explain the way to get historical option prices with MarketXLS functions.

  1. To get the EOD Historical Option Prices of a specific option

=qm_getHistory("Option Symbol")

Historical Option Prices

2. To get the Intraday Option Prices of a specific option for every five-minute interval.

=qm_getIntradayFiveMinutes("Option Symbol")

Historical Options Data

The Intraday data with MarketXLS covers all the history of the option contract. The data you see can then be turned into a chart using MarketXLS’s charting system or by using Excel’s inbuilt charts. You can also conditionally format the data to see the spikes in volume at a specific time.

You can find historical option data in a lot of places, but instead of hours searching & inputting, and constantly updating the data use MarketXLS to help your trades. Along with the historical option data MarketXLS gets you live streaming option prices in your Excel cells to track and monitor your trades.

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