What Is Risk Overlay?

What is Risk Overlay?

Risk Overlay is an Investment Management process used by portfolio managers and investors to optimize their portfolios by managing and allocating various risks across their investments. It also helps to manage Systematic Risk such as Market Risk and Credit Risk as well as Volatility Strategies and Hedging Strategies.

Portfolio Optimization

Risk Overlay is an effective way to optimize the risk and return of a portfolio, taking into account any individual investor’s risk tolerance and preferences. By systematically allocating risk effectively, the investor is able to maximize their potential return and result in more favourable returns during changing markets.

Risk Management

Risk Management is an important part of managing a portfolio, as it helps to identify and address potential risk that may arise from a portfolio. Risk Overlay focuses on identifying and addressing Systematic Risk such as Market Risk, Credit Risk, Volatility Strategies and Hedging Strategies. Risk Allocation is used to spread risk across investments, and to help manage the overall risk level of the portfolio.


MarketXLS is a powerful investment analysis tool that provides investors with a range of features to optimize their portfolios. One such feature is the ability to implement a risk overlay strategy.

MarketXLS is a powerful and flexible tool that can help investors to make better investment decisions by providing access to real-time financial data and analysis tools, as well as the ability to customize and test their own investment strategies.

Here are some templates that you can use to create your own models

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