Making the Most of ShortDated Options

Making the Most of Short-Dated Options

Options provide tremendous flexibility for traders due to their ability to choose a particular date and Strike Price when entering into a trade. This flexibility allows traders to take advantage of short-dated options by using strategies such as Wave Trading, Time decay, and Pin Risk to increase their returns.

Time Decay

Time decay is the decrease in value of an Option as it approaches expiration. Due to the passing of time, a Call Option loses value while a Put Option gains value. Traders can take advantage of this by constructing a Wave Trading strategy that uses a combination of Call and Put Options at two different Strike Prices, with one of them slightly in the money and the other slightly out of the money. This strategy gives traders the ability to capture short-term gains in the Options market as the Options near expiration.

Implied Volatility

Implied Volatility (IV) is the key metric used to calculate the theoretical value of Options. Since IV changes significantly over time, it is important for short-term traders to understand the relationship between IV and other factors such as Strike Price and time remaining until expiration. By selecting the right combination of Strike Price and expiration date, traders can increase their profits by gambling on the market’s near-term direction.

Pin Risk

Pin Risk is the risk of having a Call Option finish in the money despite the trader’s initial expectation of the underlying security finishing below the Call Option’s Strike Price. To reduce Pin Risk, trades should be structured so that Options close out of the money and hedge instruments should be implemented in case of a major swing in the underlying security.

Risk Management

Options provide a way to manage risk while still allowing traders to make money. By using the right combination of Call Options, Put Options, and Strike Prices, traders can control the amount of risk they are taking and protect their capital from large losses.

Using MarketXLS for Trading Short-Dated Options

MarketXLS is the ultimate tool for short-term traders who trade short-dated options due to its ability to provide real-time analytics on the spot market. MarketXLS’s features include the ability to scan for stock options by Time Value, Implied Volatility and Strike Price, as well as backtest strategies on historical data. This ensures that traders make informed decisions when trading short-dated options and manage risk effectively.

To make the most of short-dated options, traders need to use a combination of strategies and risk management techniques. MarketXLS provides traders with the tools to make the most of short-dated options by allowing them to scan for options, backtest strategies on historical data, and understand the relationship between Implied Volatility and the Time Value of an Option. With MarketXLS, traders have the powerful tools needed to succeed in today’s volatile markets.

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