Options Flow Summary – MarketXLS New Release 9.3.5

Options Flow Summary – MarketXLS New Release 9.3.5

We’re excited to share the newest addition to MarketXLS – our Advanced Options Flow Summary functions in Version 9.3.5, released on September 21st, 2023.

Key Updates Summary:-

  • Options Order Flow Summary Functions
  • Market Scan to identify Tickers with unusual activities.
  • Market Scan to identify Individual options with unusual activities.
  • Backtest Accurately with Historical Option Chains

Here are the new updates:-

1) A Closer Look: Options Order Flow Summary Functions

  • Total Volume & Open Interest Functions: Understand the complete volume of options traded for an underlying with functionalities tailored to retrieve total volume based on specific criteria like option type (call/put) and specific expiry.Example: =opt_TotalVolumeOptions(“Symbol”,”P”,ExpirationNext(“Symbol”)) will return the total volume of options traded for the underlying with a specific expiry and option type.
  • Put/Call Ratios: Get market sentiment with precise ratios, whether you’re looking for volume-based ratios or open interest ones. These functions also offer insights into historical ratios, helping in trend analysis. Example: =opt_PutCallVolRatioHistorical(“Symbol”,”2023-09-01″) provides the put-call volume ratio for an underlying on a historical date.
  • Historical Option Data: Analyze expired historical options. Example: =opt_ImpliedVolatilityHistorical(“Symbol”,”2023-09-01″) fetches the implied volatility for an option on the mentioned historical date.
  • Option Utility Functions: Make your own real-time option chain with strikes and expirations you need with our new option utility functions like use StrikeNext to retrieve strike prices for specific expirations.Example: =opt_StrikeNext(“Symbol”,2,ExpirationNext(“Symbol”)) provides the strike for a particular expiration.

Options Order Flow Summary Functions



  • Unusual Option Open Interest (OI) Scan: Pinpoint underlyings that show significant deviations in their open interest with the =opt_UnusualOptionOIScanEOD(10) function. This scan filters out the underlying assets with the highest change in OI compared to the previous trading day, giving you a potential lead on market sentiment.
  • High Volume Underlying Scan: Stay ahead by identifying underlying assets that are attracting substantial trading volumes. Utilize the =opt_UnusualOptionVolScanEOD(10) function to zero in on those underlyings with the highest trading volumes.
  • Combined Volume and OI Scan: Sometimes, both volume and open interest give a clearer picture. Use the =opt_UnusualOptionVolOIScanEOD(10) function to identify underlyings that are not just attracting higher trading volumes, but also showing notable shifts in open interest.




  • Unusual Stock Options Activity: Track anomalies in the options market effortlessly. With the =opt_UnusualStockOptionsActivity(5) function, you can quickly identify options that demonstrate the highest vol/oi, potentially highlighting unusual market activity.
  • Leaders in Open Interest Change: find options with significant shifts in open interest. The =opt_OptionsChangeInOILeaders(5) function lays out the options with the most substantial OI change from the previous trading day.
  • Volume Leaders Scan: Use the =opt_OptionsVolumeLeaders(5) function to spotlight options that are experiencing the highest trading volumes, thereby capturing market attention.
  • Large Volume Change in options: Get momentum shifts on options with the =opt_OptionsChangeInVolumeLeaders(5) function. This tool pinpoints options with the most considerable change in trading volumes from the previous day.
  • Open Interest Leaders: An essential metric for derivatives traders, open interest can offer insights into market sentiment. Leverage the =opt_OptionsOILeaders(5) function to identify options with the highest open interest in the market.

Market Scan to identify Individual options with unusual activities.


4) Retrieve Full Option Chain Data: Never miss a historical data point.

With =opt_HistoricalOptionChain(“Ticker”,”Date”), retrieve complete option chains from past dates, giving you a powerful tool for precise backtesting. Analyze historical market dynamics, assess past volatilities, and refine your trading strategies by understanding how options behaved on specific days.

Retrieve Full Option Chain Data: Never miss a historical data point.


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