How to get Indian stock prices in Excel? (Real-time & Historical)

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Gain real-time insights into the dynamic world of Indian stocks right at your fingertips with Excel. Wondering how? Dive into this comprehensive guide and learn whole new ways about ‘How to get Indian stock prices in Excel’. Let’s get started!

How do I automatically get stock prices in Excel?

You can automatically get stock prices in Excel by using Excel’s built-in feature named ‘Stocks.’ First, you type the stock ticker symbol in a cell. Then, you go to the Data tab and click on ‘Stocks.’ Excel recognizes the stock and provides real-time information. These data updates automatically. This feature is available in Excel 365 and Excel 2019. Always ensure your computer has an Internet connection for this to work.

What if you do not have Office 365?

MarketXLS is a service that provides real-time and historical stock prices in Excel. It utilizes easy-to-use formulas to deliver this data. For instance, typing =last(“TCS:IN”) will give you the latest price of TCS. The tool covers all the NSE stocks, Indices & Options. MarketXLS is capable of connecting with top brokers such as Zerodha and Angelone. This allows it to stream real-time prices. Unlike Microsoft Excel’s default functionality, which provides static prices and requires a manual refresh, MarketXLS streams the price data automatically. This feature makes it a robust and reliable tool for tracking stock market trends.

Can you use VBA with MarketXLS functions to get the Data?

If you’re searching for a solution to get real-time stock prices, look no further. Our service simplifies this process remarkably. You won’t need to know or use VBA codes. This is due to the fact that we are already integrated with various brokers. As a result, real-time prices are readily available. This information is accessible through straightforward excel functions. Simplicity and ease-of-use are at the heart of our design. So, toss aside any worries about convoluted processes.

How to get Historical Data with MarketXLS?

MarketXLS is a versatile tool for tracking Indian stocks. It offers real-time data, making it ideal for current tracking. What sets it apart is its host of historical functions. For instance, one can retrieve the closing price for TCS on a specific past date. The formula =Close_Historical(“TCS:IN”,”25-01-2024″) would yield that data for 25th January 2024. This function is an important feature of MarketXLS. It aids in historical data analysis, which is essential in predicting future trends.

What if you want to get other Technical Indicators for Indian stocks in Excel?

Real-time and historical functions are essential elements offered by MarketXLS for Indian stocks. However, this Excel plugin provides various other technical functions for obtaining in-depth technical data. For instance, functions such as =SimpleMovingAverage(“TCS:IN”,20) can help track the stock’s average price over a specific period. The =AverageTrueRange(“TCS:IN”,30) function computes the average price range, both high and low, over a set interval. Lastly, the =RelativeStrengthIndex(“TCS:IN”,20) function can be used to calculate the speed and change of price movements. These features make MarketXLS not just versatile but also a powerful tool for Indian stock market analysis.

How to get Indian stock prices in Excel?

Create your own Indian Stock Market tracker with MarketXLS.

See the Example below of a Tracker that is created using MarketXLS formula

How to get Indian stock prices in Excel?

This profile provides an overview of the end of day prices, technical indicators, stock return and historical prices of two stocks; TCS.IN and HDFCLIFE.IN. TCS.IN, also known as Tata Consultancy Services Limited is a major player in the technology and IT services sector. As of 11th September, the recorded last traded price was ₹ 3,735.55, with an open price of ₹ 3,690.00. The day’s high and low were ₹ 3,773.00 and ₹ 3,707.00 respectively. The stock had a 1M high of ₹ 3,929.00 and a 1M low of ₹ 3,563.00. HDFCLIFE.IN represents HDFC Life Insurance Company Limited, a key performer in financial services and life insurance. Its last traded price stood at ₹ 649.60, with the stock opening at ₹ 642.00. Its 1M high and low were ₹ 710.60 and ₹ 634.00 respectively. Both profiles also detail other indicators such as stock volatility, the volume, SMA, EMA among others.

How to get Indian stock prices in Google Sheets?

To get Indian stock prices in Google Sheets, you first need to open a new spreadsheet. Then, type the stock symbol of the Indian company in one of the cells. After this, use the GOOGLEFINANCE formula in Google Sheets in an adjacent cell. You’ll have to input the stock symbol in the correct format, for example, “NSE:RELIANCE” for Reliance Industries on National Stock Exchange. Using this formula, Google Sheets will automatically fetch the current stock price of that company from Google Finance. Remember to maintain a stable internet connection for real-time updates.

MarketXLS Plugin also works o Google Sheets so along side Google finance you can get prices and other metrcis on Google sheets with MarketXLS.


You can obtain Indian stock prices in Excel using the built-in ‘Stocks’ feature in Excel 365 and Excel 2019 by simply entering the stock ticker symbol in a cell. If you don’t have Office 365, MarketXLS is a service that provides real-time and historical stock prices in Excel, and it also works with Google Sheets. Users can get historical data or access technical indicators for in-depth stock analysis. MarketXLS offers various formulas for tracking stock market trends, does not require coding knowledge and can connect with top brokers such as Zerodha and Angelone. To get Indian stock prices in Google Sheets, use the MarketXLS Add-in formula.