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Google Finance Portfolio Alternative

For years, Google Finance portfolio tracker has been the goto portfolio by many investors to help them monitor the markets and their portfolios. However, due to some significant changes in Google Finance in 2017, it does not seem to provide the full coverage of the markets any longer and lacks the many investors will like. In this article, I will explain why MarketXLS may be the best Google Finance Portfolio Alternative.

So, if you are looking for an alternative to Google Portfolio Tracker, look no further and go for MarketXLS.

1) Coverage:

With MarketXLS, you can track not only stocks but also Mutual Funds, Options, Futures, Forex, and international EOD data for many countries around the globe.

data coverage, google finance portfolio tracker

2) Real-Time Streaming:

With MarketXLS, your real-time market data is dynamic, which means your Excel cells update the values as the new information is available.

Google Finance Portfolio Alternative

3) Speed:

MarketXLS uses Microsoft Window’s dot net framework to cache data that is historical so that your spreadsheets do not slow down. You should be able to refresh pricing data for thousands of stocks in seconds.

4) Privacy:

Your sheets are in your machine. Your spreadsheets call the data that is needed to fill the gaps. Your spreadsheets never leave your device.

5) Historical Data tables:

MarketXLS provides historical data tables using a few simple clicks or even Excel formulas like =qm_getHistory so you can perform analysis on it. The best part is that these tables are dynamic, and the data tables can update themselves with new data being available.

Google Finance Portfolio Alternative

6) Stock Screeners:

You do not have to leave your Excel sheets to screen for the stocks, you have inbuilt scanners available within MarketXLS at a few clicks.

Google Finance Portfolio Alternative: screener

7) Templates:

Unlike Google Finance, MarketXLS comes with many built-in portfolio analysis, management, valuation templates. You can even export your Yahoo finance portfolio and perform portfolio analysis with MarketXLS. You can even export your Yahoo finance portfolio and perform portfolio analysis with MarketXLS. So, you do not have to build them yourself. Simply, plugin your stocks lists, and you are good to go.

Portfolio management. Google Finance Portfolio Alternative

8) Support:

With MarketXLS, your support to the service comes bundled in with the backing on mostly everything investing and Excel.

Try out MarketXLS today as your Google Finance Portfolio Alternative and take your investing to the next level and save a lot of time.