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Stocks, ETFs, Options & Mutual Funds – Get all affordable Data in one place

MarketXLS is the #1 Excel-based Investment Research Solution for Serious Investors. It makes it easier for you to turn your Excel skills and Market knowledge into Profit.


Take your investment research workflow to new heights with MarketXLS functions and templates. 

real-time-options-tracking(market XLS)real-time-options-tracking(market XLS)real-time-options-tracking(market XLS)

Options Tracking

Track your option strategies in Excel using custom MarketXLS functions and get Real-Time Option prices.

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Functions List


Get access to numerous finance related functions stored within the confines of your spreadsheet.

OverviewStock Portfolio AnalysisStock Portfolio Analysis

Optimize Your Portfolio

Define your portfolio as a range of Excel that has your stocks and the proportion of stocks in the portfolio.

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