Research Stock History with Excel Formulas for Multiple Stocks

How to Get Stock History for Multiple Stocks in Excel?

Getting stock history in Excel for multiple stocks can be a great way to track progress or analyze trends. To get started, you will need to download a data file from an online source such as Google Finance or Yahoo Finance. Once you have downloaded the data file, open it up in Excel and select the data range you would like to analyze. You can add in filters, such as selecting a minimum value or a particular stock range. Once you have selected the parameters you would like to use, you can use formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT to calculate the stock market data within the data range. If you wish to visualize the data, you can use charts and graphs to look for trends or patterns in the stock data. By analyzing the historical data, you can make better informed decisions when investing.

How to use =CloseHistorical function in MarketXLS?

The CloseHistorical function in MarketXLS allows users to get the historical closing stock price of a particular security. To use the CloseHistorical function, you will need to enter three parameters – the symbol of the security you want the historical data for, the date of the closing price, and the source the data is coming from. After you enter the three parameters, the function will return the closing price of that security on the particular date you requested. This information can come in handy when doing technical analysis and researching historical trends. Additionally, the CloseHistorical function can be combined with other MarketXLS functions to perform even more powerful analysis of the stock market.

More MarketXLS functions on historical data:

Function Name Excel Function Description
Close “=Close_Historical(Ticker,date)” Returns the closing price for the date provided
Open “=Open_Historical(Ticker,date)” Returns the opening price for the date provided
High “=High_Historical(Ticker,date)” Returns the highest price reached for the date provided
Low “=Low_Historical(Ticker,date)” Returns the lowest price reached for the date provided
Adjusted close “=Adjusted_Close_Historical(Ticker,date)” Returns the closing price for the date provided after considering any corporate actions of the day
Volume “=Volume_Historical(Ticker,date)” Amount of shares traded on a defined date.

How can MarketXLS help?

MarketXLS is a comprehensive financial tool that provides investors, financial advisors, and day traders with powerful data and analytics. With an array of financial data sources, MarketXLS equips investors with the right tools to make informed decisions. Using a unique blend of data sources, MarketXLS can help investors track stock prices, run efficient portfolio analysis, and analyze investment ideas. MarketXLS provides snap analysis tools, alternative data, proprietary analytics & models, and sector research that helps investors understand and make decisions about today’s markets. The platform’s customizable dashboard allows investors to customize their analysis output and access the information they need quickly and efficiently. MarketXLS can be used to make efficient trades, better analyze long-term investments, and make informed decisions quickly.

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