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Meet the #1 Option Trading plugin in Excel. 
(Options Data is Included)

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Record Your Option Trades
Monitor your Trades in Real-time
Make your own models and calculators
Share your trade setups with your friends
Create & Compare Custom Strategies
Add calculations to your options portfolio
Save historical trade setups for future reference
Compare stock fundamentals
Rank your past trades and avoid repeat mistakes

Streaming Real-time Option Pricing

Never lose track of your trades with our real-time streaming prices in Excel.

The numbers that you see on your Excel will change by themselves and will match your trading platform Bid/Ask prices so you can make profitable decisions real-time

Options Tracking

Advanced Options Filtering

Use our innovative easy to use functions to filter option contracts as per your own criteria.

For example, find me all options for TSLA that expire between x date and y date and those that have strike price between x and y


Options History

See how your option's prices changed overtime in History.

Get End of the day or Intra-day (minute by minute) history of all recently expired and active contracts.

option historical data

Options Ranking and strategy selections

Rank Option Contracts with multiple factors like premiums, spreads etc

Define your weights on various factors of option contracts and then see the best ones that meet your criteria the best

options profit calculator

Get Started quickly with our Open templates

Get started in not more than five minutes with our ready-to-use Option templates. 

All templates are open code, reusable and can be adjusted quickly for your own requirements.

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