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Marketxls New Release Version 9.1

Search for a function MarketXLS


Key Updates in this release


New Function Search Utility

To make it easier for you to search for a function and get the details on it, in this release, we have a new Search and Help button on the extreme left of the MarketXLS menu. So, instead of browsing through the Excel-based function list, we will update this form with example usage, function names, and other details. We have more than 600 custom functions now.

Click on the Search and Help button on the MarketXLS to open the search form. You can search for a function like "dividends," "options," "ETFs," and so on.

Search for a function MarketXLS

New ETFs data and functions category

In this release, we have added the following functions in MarketXLS, which can give you detailed information on the Holdings within various ETFs. Alongside the holdings within the ETFs, other data like ETF Fund Family, Net Assets, Total Assets, etc. are also available.

Stock ETF functions

New Stock Volatility Functions

We have added the following functions in this release, which will get you the historical volatility on stocks. These functions are the standard deviation of historical daily stock returns. We calculate the volatility on all US and Canadian stocks and ETFs after every day's close.

The calculation is the standard deviation of the daily returns of a stock.

Stock Volatility Functions

Optimizations on Real-time streaming functions, Refresh All, Refresh Selected Buttons

1) The system will not automatically recognize a changed symbol in a cell and will start streaming the real-time data for the new ticker symbol, instead of needing to click on refresh buttons. 

2) The system will understand if the value of a result is nothing, and then it will return NA instead of a message.

3) Various other minor optimizations on the way the streaming data works, to make it faster.

4) New Streaming On-Off checkbox for you to quickly turn off the streaming data if you need to.


Options Filter function

This function will allow you to quickly filter out the option chain for the strike prices and expiry dates. qm_list function can also be used for this purpose. But this is a quick and easy way to get to the right options.  

As an example the following function call will return all the contracts from the option chain where the strike price is 10% above the current price. And the expiry dates are between 2020-06-30 and 2020-08-05

=QM_OptionChainFilter(A1,Last(A1)*1.1, , "2020-06-30", "2020-08-05")

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