Best Years for Backtesting Equity Strategies: A StepbyStep Guide

Best Years for Backtesting Equity Strategies: A Step-by-Step Guide

What is Backtesting?

Backtesting is a method used to evaluate the performance of investment and trading strategies by testing them against historical data. It helps analyze the efficacy of the strategy without exposing the portfolio to live market risk. Traditionally, it was done by hand but algorithm trading has made it a whole lot faster and easier. Now you are able to backtest your trading strategy with the click of a button.

Equity Strategies

Equity strategies involve buying and selling stocks in order to generate returns over the long term. When looking for the best years for backtesting equity strategies there are a few key considerations that need to be taken into account.

Moving Average

It is important to choose the right moving average, as this will be the core of the strategy. Many strategies use a combination of longer and shorter moving averages, or exponential moving averages, to identify potential buying and selling points. This will help identify areas where the market is likely to react due to supply and demand.

Risk Management

Risk management is also an important factor when backtesting equity strategies. It is important to ensure that positions are sized appropriately, and losses are kept to a minimum. Many strategies use position sizing rules to ensure that trades are not over-levered.

Data Smoothing and Volatility

Data smoothing is another important consideration when backtesting equity strategies. Smoothing can help to reduce the amount of noise present in the data so that trends and patterns can be better identified more easily. It is also important to consider the overall volatility of the market when backtesting, as this will help to give an indication of how the strategy will perform in different market conditions.

Backadjusted Returns

Backadjusted returns are also important when backtesting equity strategies. This is because backadjusted returns will take into account any abnormal market conditions that may have caused a shift in the price of the assets. By taking these conditions into account, it allows for more accurate testing of the strategy over time.

Position Sizing

Position sizing is another important factor when backtesting equity strategies. This is because position sizing will determine how much of each asset should be bought or sold in order to maximize returns. Many strategies use Monte Carlo simulations to identify the optimal position size for any given situation.

Monte Carlo Simulation

Monte Carlo simulations are used to simulate potential outcomes of a given strategy. This allows traders to identify potential pitfalls and areas of risk that need to be managed. By running multiple simulations, traders can identify the optimal position size in any given situation.

Uses of MarketXLS for Backtest Equity Strategies

MarketXLS is the complete financial toolbox that enables the users to backtest any trading strategy quickly and accurately. It provides expansive data on global markets and offers a wide range of features that makes backtesting easier and faster. It also provides a comprehensive library of pre-built trading strategies that can be backtested with a few clicks. This helps to eliminate any potential errors in the backtesting process. With MarketXLS, users can explore multiple strategies and find the most profitable one in a fraction of the time.


Backtesting equity strategies is an important part of trading, as it can help traders identify areas of potential risk and gain an understanding of how certain strategies may perform in different market conditions. Taking into account factors such as data smoothing, volatility, backadjusted returns and position sizing can help traders to make more informed decisions when backtesting. MarketXLS allows these factors to be taken into consideration and provides an in-depth look at the different strategies that can be employed.

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